Sunday, May 12, 2013

This week-end I worked on a series of pastel landscapes exploring a variety of surfaces. The first "Edge of the Marsh - Winter" was on UArt paper 800 with no under painting using Terry Ludwig pastels.  Detail was added with pastel pencils.  I liked this surface and I love the Terry Ludwig Plein Aire set.

The second one "Golden Glow - Marsh in Autumn" was done on museum board with Golden Fine Pumice Gel tinted with Nickel Azo Gold Acrylic following Rita Kirkman's technique. I used Sennelier soft pastels for this one.

The next one "Marsh Tree" was on museum board 4-ply with color-fix primer in Terracotta.  I started this with the path as the focal point but let the tree take over.  I like doing landscapes on the rich terracotta background.

The last "Cattails" was done on Colorfix suede from the Dakota Pastel paper sampler in a cool medium gray.
I liked working on this surface.  There was more tooth than I first thought.  I would like to try this in a warm color.

All are 11x14 including the matt.
The Edge of the Marsh
"Golden Glow - Marsh in Autumn"
"Marsh Tree"

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