Sunday, October 20, 2013

Pomegranites and new brushes

"Pomegranites" 6x12 oil $150.00
This was fun to do from beginning to end. Next I will do a grisaille of the same set up.  I like to do one very loose and painterly and tighten up on the next.
Blick was having a sale this week-end for its favorite customers and I went in even though I didn't need anything, maybe that's why I am a favorite customer.
I found a brush called a filbert but not like any filbert I had ever seen.  I fell in love with its shape and had to have it.  Then I saw the sign that said: "you will fall in love with the shape even before you know how wonderful it is".  I used it for the first time and it really is wonderful.  A Blick Master synthetic filbert size 16.  Now I want a whole set!
The top is the filbert, the other 2 are Blick master synthetics also, size 2 and 8.

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