Saturday, December 21, 2013


6x6 oil on panel $150
The solstice is here and even though Winter has just begun we can look forward to increased light. Today was mild and some of the snow is melting, I was even able to photograph this outside.
This is the sketch.  I find drawing and composition to be very relaxing.  After work if I am too tired to paint I will set up a small still life and do a value and composition study.
I use an imprimatur of Transparent Earth Orange and a brush drawing in umber.  I refer to my sketch as well as my still life while I do this.

I block in basic colors and values in order to cover the whole panel with thin paint.
First Layer of thicker paint.  After this I often take a break, sometimes just for a coffee.  Today my sisters and I helped my mother get her house decorated for a major family party.  The garland looked nice wrapped around the stair rail.
Often when I get back to a painting I see flaws major or minor that were not obvious before. I wiped out some areas and adjusted my drawing.


  1. Sandra, I tried to post a comment on this yesterday, but don't know where it went! I did want you to know how wonderful I think this painting is! Love the fresh colors and use of neutrals next to the more saturated ones....just wonderful!

    1. Thanks Meredith, today I am struggling and your positive comment sent me back to the easel to keep trying.