Thursday, March 31, 2016


Salisbury 9x12 oil on stretched canvas L7

I experimented with this one using thicker paint.  I thought it was a wipe-out but then I stepped back and realized I didn't hate it.  I want to work on the background row of trees.  I tried to break up the shape but it still needs more, maybe a tree or two in the middle ground.  I tried to continue the water to the middle ground but wiped it.  I may try again. I am getting better at the foreground grasses, a big brush instead of a tiny one - who knew!


  1. Very wonderful landscape painting and such a nice atmosphere !!!

  2. Some times as artists ... we over look a skill set that would truly set our art apart - a skill set not easily duplicated by our contemporaries... like flying a plane.

    I wish I could fly. I'd mount a camera on the cowling with a remote switch in the cockpit and I'd be off to grand sunrises, sunsets
    and aerial landscapes and more. But I'm dreaming. For you ... it could happen.

  3. I searched Google+ about Carlson's Guide to Landscape Painting and found your blog. Your paintings are beautiful. The one above is perfect, I wouldn't change anything.