Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Green Apple and Grapes

Green Apple and Grapes
6x6 oil on panel $125.00

This was fun to do.  I have included process shots.

Sketch done the evening before.  I use a golden section grid to set up my composition.  I find the sketch to be the most relaxing part of the process.

Initial block in. At this point I am trying to get the general shapes and cover the whole panel which had a light wash of Transparent Earth Orange.

1st. layer. At this point I take a break and evaluate.  The background needs to be cooled down and darkened. I also need to lighten the lights, darken the darks and punch up the color.

I have been playing around with blogging.  I learned how to "follow" and I "unfollowed" where I had accidently followed myself. I clicked on something that said I could "manage my friends". I have a hard enough time managing myself and it said I had no friends! Next thing I will figure out is "Circles".

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  1. Ha, ha, you do TOO have friends! Thanks for the step-by-step, always fascinating to me to see another artist's process. And I like your painting...