Thursday, February 20, 2014

Into the Woods

"Into the Woods"

11"x 14" soft pastel (mostly Terry Ludwigs) on Art Spectrum Colorfix Suede
I worked on this Tues. in the comfort of my studio during a tremendous snow storm.  I don't think I ever saw snow that dense and flakes that large. Even if I was a plen air painter I wouldn't be able to paint outside because the snow is way over my knees.  Driving home from work toda , in yet another snow storm, I noticed that the snow banks were so high on the side of the road that I felt like I was in a bobsled or luge.
I started this one with thumbnails and value sketches and it really helped the painting go smoother.
Speaking of smooth, I like this paper, it may be my new favorite.  I like colorfix and Uart but today I didn't want to work on a sand paper surface.  It eats up the pastel and creates lots of dust. This one had just the right amount of tooth and I was able to add many layers.
I am working on pieces to send to two pastel society exhibits.


  1. I really like these new landscapes, Sandra. Goodness, that's a lot of snow. Great for this gorgeous piece. Sorry you have to drive through it, though...

  2. This is about what it looks like outside my window -not sure where you live, I am in the Hudson River Valley.
    I am enchanted by this painting (I am also a pastel artist).