Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Apples and Copper

Apples and Copper
6x6 oil on panel
I have been playing with my new toys.  I bought a new easel, the Coulter System, and even though it is for plein aire I set it up in the studio to try it out.  I love the way the box is positioned just right and I can close it up when I am done or just taking a break. 
I also ordered my first Rosemary and Co. brushes and I love them.  This was done using the Shiraz flats.
I recently got an I-Pad Air.  After setting up my still life I photographed it and filtered it to help me paint looser. I've never done a still life from a photo before so I kept the still life set up.
Lastly, I photographed the finished painting using the I-Pad.  Even though I use a gray card to adjust my white balance I find the I=Pad does a much better job than my camera.

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