Monday, October 13, 2014


6x6 oil on panel
I visited Diane Mannion's blog and saw her review of Qiang Huang's workshop.  Her notes were very detailed explaining the five steps to his painting process.  I decided to give his technique a try. He begins by wiping his canvas with a small (very small) amount of refined linseed oil. I liked the way that helped the paint go on smoothly.  Another difference was the use of transparent red iron oxide and ultramarine to tone the canvas.  I usually use raw umber. Darks are added and lights are wiped.

Beginning to add color very loosely thinking in terms of cool, warm, light , dark etc.  I had trouble with this stage not being used to the slick surface the linseed oil created.
The almost final version again.  I want to punch up the color but may have to wait until the linseed oil dries somewhat.
Sometimes I have to prove to myself that I am making progress.  This is the pomegranate painting I struggled with a year ago.

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