Wednesday, December 31, 2014


This little painting was done for the NHIA "Minumentals" show with very small brushes!
It is painting #14.200, I painted 200 paintings in 2014! My goal was to complete 100.
Looking back, I learned a lot and my work did improve and I was pleased to realize that I like more than I thought I would, sold a few and won a few awards.
The mediocre ones still get me down so I packed them up in a box and put them out of sight.
My plan for 2015 is of course to continue painting. I want to improve my oil landscapes so I hope to focus on them.  I plan to apply for associate membership in the PSA, membership in NH Art Association and join Newburyport Art Association.  I will have a focus exhibit in December at Sullivan Framing so a lot of my work will be towards that end. Friends and Family have reminded me not to be so quick to wipe out or toss away so I am saving even my failures to help record my progress. 


  1. Sandra, may you reach all your goals and beyond and have a wonderful 2015. I cannot wait to see what you do...and thanks for being my first commenter for 2015!

  2. WOW! Best wishes to you in 2015 :)