Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Peony 2

Peony 2
8x8 oil on panel $175

I painted the peonies again this morning, (almost all day actually).  They are still so beautiful and sweet smelling.  I am hoping the last two buds will open. I would also like to do a painting with them arranged like Manet's laying on a table. Below are the process shots.
I am pretty happy with this and I think it is finished.  I may adjust the shape of the flower in the top left corner.
This is the charcoal sketch.  I did it on the panel that I wiped out yesterday.  It took me quite a while to arrange the flowers but I like the composition and could not wait to get started.
Initial block-in.  I used a bristle brush to scrub in the basic shapes. At this point I am pretty happy with it.

Adding mid-tones and building up paint layers.  At this point I am pretty sure I can't save it!

Adding lights

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