Saturday, February 6, 2016

Landscape #1

Landscape #1 
I love landscapes but my oil landscapes are not good yet and it frustrates me but I know the reason and I have a plan.
3 years ago when I got back into oil painting my still life's were not very good but after about 300 paintings they got better. I can say the same for my pastel landscapes.  So the plan is paint more and see what happens. This is #1 of 100.

I did two pastel studies to decide which image to complete in oil and I chose this one.  My plan was to complete one version alla prima and do the same scene again with a grisaille. This was complicated by the fact that I switched to oil primed canvas rather than my usual acrylic primed panel.

The only thing that kept me from wiping this completely was feeling that I could not count it as #1 if I did not salvage it. I like some of it, the suggestion of houses by the far trees, the touch of marsh water reflecting the sky but overall it has none of the sophistication of the pastel version. Well actually I pretty much dislike it.

My next step is to use the same reference for a grisaille version, maybe I will get to it tomorrow.

Cape Sky
9x12 pastel 

This is the pastel version

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