Thursday, February 11, 2016

Marsh Grasses

Marsh Grasses
5x7 Pastel 

I did this study on a 5x7 mounted piece of U-Art that had been used and washed off.  My aim was to see if the pastels I loaded into my Heilman box would be enough for a landscape like this.  The box and it's set up on my tripod worked beautifully.  The colors were enough, I only added two.  The Ludwigs seemed to work even better broken in half.

  • I started with too deep a pink for the sky and it was difficult to tone down.
  • The line of trees in the background is the same width as the marsh grass in front of them, the tree line should be narrower.  
  • The distant marsh grass is too vibrant and pulls the eye and doesn't receede.
  • The mid ground grass band is too uniform, it should be wider on the left and the right side should fade into the distance
  • The reflection on the lower left should dip down more
  • The floating reeds should not follow the exact direction of the grasses and should not be centerred.  They also are too uniform

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