Saturday, August 31, 2013

A Painting a Day for 30 Days

I finished and I learned so much!  I paint faster and my brushwork is more decisive.  Set up, documentation and blogging are also easier. Now I know when I'm done and I no longer have the urge to overwork ( well mostly).  I have a few gems and a few that might just disappear but the whole process was fun.

What's next? I want to spend time on a few larger pieces, I already have two landscapes in the works. I joined Leslie Saeta's 30 paintings in 30 days challenge and I start that tomorrow.  Sounds like the same thing but this one is a little more laid back.  Its ok to get a head start and its ok to take a day off and then catch up.  The main difference is that over 300 people have signed on to do this at the same time.  I am # 216. The point is to paint more and to have fun.

"Mug Shot" 6x6 oil on hard board panel $100
This is number 30
The last one was the hardest to set up but the easiest to paint. 
These are my two favorite hand-made mugs.


  1. I love this... the composition, the colors, everything! I look forward to seeing what you paint during Leslie's challenge.

  2. Love how you've put them alltogether like this - how do you do that? I'd like to do the same when I finish the 30 in 30 on Leslie's blog :-)

    1. I used a photoshop program on my computer. I resized the images and set them together on a grid. I have heard from people that did Leslie's challenge in Jan. that she will show us how to do it at the end of the challenge