Monday, January 6, 2014


5x5 oil on panel
These are my favorite apples to eat.  I chose this one to paint because of
 it's color and shape and nice looking stem!
It was an experiment, I was trying to:
Paint after a full day at work
Stay loose and painterly
Work with lost and found edges
Remember to soften my edges
Work quickly and have fun
I liked being able to finish a painting in just a few hours. There is more than one reason not to overwork!.
I wanted to work on a toned panel but my typical earth orange bleeds through.  This time I used Acrylic, Nickel Azo Gold.  This is what I sometimes use as a base for pastels.  It worked and gave a nice surface to the panel.


  1. I guess you must have an identifiable style, because when I saw this coming in my feed, I thought, "That's Sandra's!" It's a lovely apple...