Sunday, January 19, 2014


6x6 oil on cradled panel $150
I bought this little spritzer at the garden center.  I don't have anything to spritz.  My only plant is a 30 year old Ficus Benjamin.  Sometimes this time of year I go to the garden center just to walk through the greenhouse.  The warm humidity and all the plants makes me think that Spring is possible.
I use a cardboard box as a still life stage.  I cut mat board to fit so now my set up can have a white or black background as well as medium brown.  This is a little more high key than usual.  I am trying new colors.  Carol Josefiak recommended this "Serves Blue" by Rembradt.  It turns out I already had it from Old Holland called "Schevenings Blue". I like it and I like the way it works with Quinacridone Rose.
I am still in the Challenge except that now I do not even know what day it is!


  1. I REALLY like the look and style here!

  2. Beautifully painted, Sandra! I just love seeing what you do...

  3. Thank you Sue and Meredith. I really appreciate the comments, they keep me going.