Friday, September 5, 2014

Peaches and Artist's Block

5x5 oil on panel
I often set up my still life the night before and do a little sketching to work out my composition. My theme for the 30 in 30 was to use all the little still life items that I have collected over the years. I think I had every item I owned out on my counter or on one of my still life stages.  Nothing worked, I adjusted, rearranged and still nothing worked.  Was this only day 5 and I already was out of ideas? 
I got up in the morning and got rid of the bowl and the plums, ate one of the peaches and started this little study.  I used Michele Karahalios' technique of wiping the panel with linseed oil and things started to smooth out. I finished this in the evening and I am happy with it.


  1. Beautiful painting, Sandra! I am so happy to have found your blog. :)

    1. Thanks Darla, and I'm happy I found yours. To me that's what the challenge is all about.

  2. Like the soft edges and your color palette!