Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Dune Shadows

"Dune Shadows" 7x10 pastel $150
Day 19 of 30 in 30
Home from work at 3 and back to work at 6.  I wondered if I would have time to paint.  I could at least get started.  My plan was for a watercolor under-painting and to continue with my dunes theme. I bought a block of Arches cold pressed and the under-painting went smoothly especially since I was covering it and could be as splashy as I wanted to be.
Then the nightmare started, I figured out I should have bought hot pressed!  Those little holes were so annoying.  Just when I thought I hated it I decided it wasn't so bad after all.  Some smoothing to fill holes and I finished.  I got to paint after all, I don't need hours I just need to get started! I do like the watercolor under-painting but I will try a different surface.  So far my favorite is pastelmat - I may try this little scene again tomorrow.
Here is the watercolor under-painting

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  1. Your pictures are beautiful.... and I like how you show the progression of them :)