Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sunflowers with Basket

Sunflowers with Basket 6x6 oil $100
Day 15 of 30 in 30
I painted this yesterday, it was the second painting of the day - the first was of pumpkins and was a total wipe-out.  After this cheery one I went on to finish the Reservoir painting.  I will post that later.
 I have decided that I like commercially prepared panels. Prepping them myself is too much work and I don't like the results.  I just got an order from Blick that included a Classpack of Project panels. They are 3/8" thick with a gessoed surface similar to Ampersand and a slot on the back to make hanging without a frame easy. A pack of 12 (6x6) was $21.69 not bad.
What I like best about the challenge is the camaraderie with other artists.  It is so much fun to read blogs  and to exchange comments with other artists.  I feel as though I have made quite a few on-line friends and for that it has been well worth participating.
I find that now that I am back to work it is harder to paint and post every day but that is no surprise.
This is my sketch for today's painting
The block - in
Partial Wipe-out


  1. I agree that meeting other artists and seeing everyone sharing the same victories and struggles has been great! I love your work Sandra!

  2. I love your sunflowers, and thanks for the tip about the panels. I will have to take a look at those. Enjoyed your demo, too!

  3. Beautiful painting! I love how you show the steps, too!