Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Public Access

"Public Access" 7x10 pastel on Wallis Museum Paper $150 matted to 11x14

Yesterday's Painting "Sandy Path" was a pick of the day from Dailypaintworks
.  You can see it on their site or on their facebook page.  Thank you Daily Paintworks!
Along the eastern New England coast there are many beaches with small public access  paths. They are adjacent to private property often separated by fences. This one was in Salisbury Ma.
Day 18 of the challenge and I've finally settled in.  I have started to find a focus and I am no longer feeling like I have to paint all week-end to stay ahead. It helps to plan a series - if 4 can be called a series.
This was my underpainting block-in.
I wanted to choose colors that would be good if they poked through.
Washed with alcohol- this wasn't what I was expecting. 
Set kitchen timer for 15 minutes.  Not for the painting - I put Arroz con Pollo on to cook while alcohol was drying. Ist. layer of pastel or maybe its called the second block-in.
I took a break to analyze my painting and eat Arozz con Pollo - delicious!
This is spirit week at school - tomorrow is class colors,
teachers wear purple - not a problem for me! and I get to wear jeans.
The finished painting again


  1. Wow!! Your process is amazing! how wonderful to see the end result! Love it!

    Oh! congrats on the daily pick! :D

  2. Love this and also seeing your process..Nice!

  3. You have inspired to try pastels. I have all the materials just sitting here, but have been afraid to try. I like seeing the process especially that step with the alcohol for toning

  4. Hi Carol, What I learned about the alcohol wash was to do the dark colors first and clean the brush between colors. That should have been obvious to me the first time I did it but I ended up with mud.