Friday, September 20, 2013

Dunes again and Blogging

"Dune Grass in Sunlight" 5x7 pastel $100 on pastelmat
Day 21 of 30 in 30
I struggled with this piece, I wiped out the ocean, I wiped out the wave, I adjusted the shadow temperature.  I was working on pastelmat, the most forgiving of surfaces.  This was from the same reference as "Dune Shadows" without the fencing.  I gave it another look and had to laugh - it had at least three focal points - just like me - going in too many directions at once! so I cut it in half!  Here is the other half.
I called this half "Dune Grass in Shadows"
I read Carol Josefiak's blog about choosing a title that is not the obvious and I love it when I read great titles.  Unfortunately I'm tired and this is all I've got!
Speaking of blogging - I've "met" so many interesting on-line painters with this challenge that I wanted to add their links or blogs to my page.  I accidently added myself as my own follower. Now every time I post I will notify myself.  My blog support friend is right now enjoying a vacation in Paris so for the time being I copied names-with a pencil!

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