Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Quabbin Reservoir

"Quabbin Reservoir" 5x7 oil $100
Day 12 of 30 in 30
I did this little study to work out some problems I was having with the 16x20 version. I am still having problems with the larger one especially in the reflections.  When things are not quite right I sit with a pencil and paper and make note of the parts that need work. I will post that one tomorrow. Sometimes it helps to see it on-line, then the errors jump out at me! 
The Quabbin reservoir is the largest inland body of water in Massachusetts.  In the 1930's several towns were taken over and flooded to create the water supply for Boston.  It caused much controversy at the time but is very peaceful looking now.
My yesterday post "Lady in Red" was a Daily Paintwork pick of the Day!
Thank you Daily Paintworks!


  1. Wonderful composition! :D

  2. Lovely! Looks like a beautiful place.