Thursday, January 7, 2016

Day 7 of 30 in 30

5x7 pastel on UArt


What is different:
  • I tried a warm underpainting that I alcohol washed. I wanted to adjust the tones and not rely on the photo reference for color.

What I learned:
  • If I adjust one color I have to adjust them all.    Originally the grasses were too green and the lavender strokes toned them down nicely. The trees in the upper  left may still be too dark.I liked the looseness in this one.
This is one of my "do ahead" paintings done at the end of December.  I spent yesterday at the Museum of Fine Art in Boston viewing the show Dutch Paintings from the time of Vermeer and Rembrant and today at the Currier gallery to see the Maxfield Parish exhibit.


  1. This pastel caught my eye on the 30 day challenge. It is beautiful.

  2. This caught my eye right away - and then I realized it was you!! Very, very nice. And great seeing you at the Currier!