Sunday, January 24, 2016

Plum Autumn

Plum Autumn
16x20 oil

This is almost done, I need to let it dry before I put a few finishing touches on it.

I took the reference at Plum Island.  There is a special trail that almost never opened so when I heard it was I headed over with my camera. It was a beautiful clear crisp fall day.

I started the painting with a grisaille and was really pleased with the result and could not wait to add color.  My hope was to finish it in time for my solo show at Sullivan Framing. Things did not go well and so to end my frustration I wiped it out and set it aside.  The ghost image reminded me of my grisaille and how pleased I was with that so I decided to give it another try. Again I started with a value painting in raw umber and then proceeded with the color.  I would like to tweek the bottom edge of the reflections but it is time to let it rest, look at it with a fresh eye and maybe call it done.

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